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Reading Labels

Keep in mind that labels are provided to make sure that the consumer is aware of the possible hazards that are in a product.

The Bathroom

It takes the body 1 full year to rid the effects of spraying 2oz of toxic cleaner in a well- ventilated area and with a cross breeze. Think about how often you clean and how overloaded with chemicals the body will be in time.

Steam It

Steam is your best bet for killing 99.99% of germs on contact. It kills dust mites and mold as well. Nothing can survive steam. It is as non-toxic as you can get as you are only using water. Each steamer is going to be used with the instructions from the manufacturer. Not all steamers are the same.

About Edge

Edge Green Cleaning is a Central Ohio residential and commercial cleaning company.  

Our company philosophy is to "clean green, educate green, and enjoy a healthy environment".

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We are licensed in the State of Ohio, bonded & insured. Our agents are vetted thoroughly by a complete background check that includes criminal & sexual offender registry checks.