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The Kitchen Island

The Kitchen Island

Nothing is more warm and inviting than family and friends gathered around laughing and enjoying each other’s company. For many the island is a source of stress deciding how it will be used for a party or gathering.

Think through the event that you are having. Consider the number of people, how formal you would like the evening to be, what audience you are entertaining and the activities of the event. These will help guide you to determine the best recourse for the use of the island. 

If using the island as a bar to display food options beyond candy, nuts and chips, be sure to remove any bar seating from the area. It is highly uncomfortable for the guest sitting at the island to be reached over while they visit. Displaying the food on the island with a free and clear path to walk around will help to refill food items as well. 

If you are serving fare that can stain your countertop if spilled, you can reduce your concern and use butcher paper to cover the island. It can be part of your decor and can protect your island from unwanted spills and staining. Don’t forget to utilize your butler pantry sink for dirty dishes and cookware. This will keep your entertaining space clean and the food more attractive to guests. 

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