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At Edge Green Cleaning we understand that hiring a cleaning service can be a big decision. We will work with you to ensure your home is cleaned the way you want it, on time, every time. Edge Green Cleaning is here for you. 

Why choose Edge Green Cleaning? We're reliable and on time. We have the right supplies to clean any surface with non-toxic green products. Our Detail-Clean Rotation System ensures every part of your home is immaculate. 

We are licensed in the State of Ohio, bonded & insured. Our agents are vetted thoroughly by a complete background check that includes criminal & sexual offender registry checks.

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Standard house cleaning services include:
  • Kitchen: wipe counters, kitchen sink, backsplash, & small appliance exteriors. Large appliance exteriors (interior microwave included). Cabinet hardware touchup, trash removal and floor cleaning.
  • Bathrooms - dust lights, clean mirrors, sinks, tub/Shower, toilet, trash, baseboards & floor.
  • Dusting: furniture, fixtures, wall hangings, accessories, electronics, & railings in the areas ordered.
  • Vacuum: area and stairs where ordered (furniture is extra).
  • Hard Floor Mop: mop all hard floors in areas ordered.
  • Glass: kitchen door, front door glass.

Deep Cleaning

Our Deep Cleaning Services include the following:
  • Interior windows
  • Blinds
  • Baseboards
  • Woodwork
  • Cabinet washing
  • Showers
  • Lighting for a normal 8/9ft. ceiling

Rotation Package

The rotation package gives you the ability to get your home cleaned but not all in the same day. 
  • Create a core cleaning that is completed every visit
  • Add a rotating cleaning in at an interval that works for you. Example: Rec room, extra bedrooms, extra bath.
  • Build a package that gets your whole house clean but not all at the same time. 


Residential Cleaning Services Requirements are:
  • Edge will not service any home with more than 4 animals (cats and dogs).
  • No high rise buildings.
  • Must have driveway or ample available street parking near your premises. 

Minimum visit charge $55 (small apartments), Initial cleaning fee is half of the standard cleaning cleaning items ordered on the first visit,
frequency pricing will be provided upon completetion of an estimate.

Spring Cleaning Savings

Edge current clients, get your home ready for spring and receive 10% off added seasonal items or our spring special on bath cabinet wash!
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New Customer Discount

Schedule your consultation and mention the 15% off new client special for your initial clean or 10% off your first bi-weekly cleanings.
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Refer a Friend Discount

Refer a friend and get $15.00 off of one cleaning! Call or email us with your friend's name. *not combined with other discounts.
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Why Choose Edge Green Cleaning

Our Team:

  • Active Criminal Background Check
  • National Sex Offender Registry Check
  • Fully Insured
  • Convenient online payments
  • Professional Women in Transition
    - Starting a new business
    - Finishing an education
    - Transitioning out of a professional career to fit current needs
Our mission at Edge is to empower entrepreneurial women to achieve their goals. Edge is partnering with local businesses and organizations to
provide jobs to professional women in transition. Click here to learn more.


We do not require contracts on residential work.
We work with pets all the time. We try to make sure that we do not scare them with the vacuum etc. We work very hard to ensure that your pet is comfortable when we are present. We like to have a chance to let them meet the agent that is cleaning while the owner is still at home. Some clients leave doggy treats that we can give them when we arrive or leave. If you are more comfortable with your pet in a crate or certain area of your home while we clean that is fine too.


Green cleaning is the process of choosing cleaning products that are better for people, pets and for the planet.

Switching to green cleaning products is good for your health and the health of your family as it is free of unnecessary chemicals that can be toxic.  Our goal at Edge Green Cleaning is to make your home a clean and safe environment.

Green cleaning products are also less hazardous for the environment.  They do not contain chemicals that cause significant air or water pollution and are often in recyclable containers.


Are you going through a professional transition, actively starting a business, or pausing your professional career? Are you in need of extra or supplemental income?

We have part-time openings and want to help support women through transitions in their already established career, or entrepreneurial women starting their own business that are still in the start-up phase!


Edge Green Cleaning Affiliations

At Edge Green Cleaning we pride ourselves on our community involvement and affiliations.  As part of our healthy initiative, our volunteer efforts include classes to cancer patients, speaking engagements and participation in healthy city initiatives. We work with business owners and residential customers to ensure their offices and residents are chemical free for a healthy environment for employees, residents and patients.


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About Edge

Edge Green Cleaning is a Central Ohio residential and commercial cleaning company.  

Our company philosophy is to "clean green, educate green, and enjoy a healthy environment".

Our Commitment to Customers

We are licensed in the State of Ohio, bonded & insured. Our agents are vetted thoroughly by a complete background check that includes criminal & sexual offender registry checks.