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What's that smell in the fridge?

What's that smell in the fridge?

When was the last time I cleaned this fridge? Was it last week? Maybe 2 weeks? Hopefully not longer than that!” Then it happens. One Saturday morning there you are in your pajamas and robe trying to get some creamer for a cup of much needed coffee when you open the door to a smell that could wake up the whole house. Frantically you are pulling everything out to find THE smell. Despite your quick check, a full fridge cleanout on your day off and before coffee is in full swing.This isn’t a good experience for anyone as comments fly about all of the food that “could have been eaten” but wasn’t. You make your resolution, it will never happen again, but it always does.

We have all been there.There are a few simple steps that really make a difference on how the fridge presents itself on a regular basis. Keep the fridge on track by always cleaning it the day before trash day. Then it is done once a week and any trash is ready to go out. Knowing when something was opened is a great way to be able to manage your fridge. How many times have you opened the cottage cheese, sour cream or salsa and wondered when you bought it, when you opened it and if it is bad? The simple solution is a Sharpie marker living close by the fridge. Every container that gets opened for the first time, mark it with the date. Voila, next time you wonder how long it has been, you already know!

Having a dedicated leftover area in the fridge is a wonderful way to keep an eye on food that is about to go bad. If you make a menu plan, you will know what day you prepared the food and approximately when it needs to be consumed or frozen before it goes bad. Plan a “leftover night” for dinner one evening before trash day. Pull all of the leftovers out, maybe prepare a light course to go with them. What is not eaten, you can freeze.

Freezing food in a way that will reduce waste are BPA free containers that are able to be frozen and reusable freezer storage bags. You can use single use zip top bags for messy items. A title and date on all items going into the freezer keeps it simple to find things. If you have someone with food allergies, note if the item is allergen friendly or not. Even one serving being frozen can really be helpful in a pinch when someone needs a quick meal/snack before running off to an event or practice. Also cut and freeze any veggies that are about to go bad and use them for soup or meal another time.

The whole concept starts with cleaning out the fridge but this process is a cost savings on food as well. Being sure to consume or freeze items in a timely manner will keep your grocery costs down. Once you get used to using this method, you will find the fridge is more manageable, there is less waste, and the fridge is more presentable.


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