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My Cleaning Bucket is Too Full!

My Cleaning Bucket is Too Full!

Do you find that you are continuously moving cleaning products throughout your home? Tuck this under an arm, try to balance paper towels under your chin, move everything to each space to clean?

Even though it seems like a wasted expense, you will save time and effort by purchasing enough products to conveniently place cleaning items in all of the places they are needed. Tour your home to see where you can permanently leave products to make cleaning up a snap. Please be sure to lock all cabinets that have cleaning products if you have little ones. Even non-toxic products should still be stored away from children and locked.

Touching up spaces in between big cleanings is a great way to lessen the time it takes to clean areas on a regular basis. A quick wipe down of items that are used daily can help reduce the effort to clean that room. Having products right there to grab at a moment’s notice keeps things simple. There is nothing worse than wasting a day off cleaning the whole house.

For bathrooms, have a small grouping of cleaning items handy. A toilet brush in each space helps tidy the toilet bowl regularly. All purpose cleaners/wipes within easy reach will make tidying up an easy task. Keep vinegar water and a glass cloth handy for mirrors that need to be touched up quickly.

A few items in the right places will prompt you to do a quick once over. You will have a lighter load of work and effort to keep your home sparkling.

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