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My Stainless Steel Fridge...A Work of Art

My Stainless Steel Fridge...A Work of Art

If you love displaying your children’s art work, graded papers and pictures on your stainless steel fridge but are noticing scratches from magnets or fading from magnetic picture frames, it may be time to adjust your display area to keep your fridge looking shiny. There are several types of magnets that scratch stainless steel and the ones that don’t tend to fade the shine away.

A simple way to still have your child’s beautiful artwork and pictures on display is to look for another space in a common area that you can create an area for a framed display board. This will allow all of these wonderful items to be on display and rotated through without ruining your fridge. The framed areas make the space feel clean and decorated vs messy. Depending on your home decor, you can find one to match your style. Whether it is contemporary, farmhouse, or transitional design, you can find framed display boards at most big box stores or online decor companies.

This is a simple solution to keeping your expensive fridge looking its best while still having your children or grandchildren excited that their work is on display. This style of display keeps the kitchen streamlined and clean but keeps the warmth of creative spaces in an organized way.

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