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Pet Bed Germs

Pet Bed Germs

Your favorite pet is snuggled in their bed happily sleeping. Do we really know what lurks in their warm, comfy bed? It may not be the first thought you have on a regular basis, cleaning your pet beds, but according to the American Kennel Club, your pet’s bed is one of the most germ filled places in the room / house. They recommend cleaning them weekly to keep your pet and your family healthy.

Household pets can breed all kinds of germs and allergens in your home. Even if they are inside pets only, they still can have household germs captured on their hair and dander. Once your pet goes outside, they are a magnet for pollen, dirt, and anything else that is lurking in the air. They also are bringing in any lawn sprays or treatments that may have been put on the lawn. In addition to these allergens and germs, some pets may have remnants of bodily function discharge on their feet or body that they could bring into their beds. This could make them sick if they were to continue to lay in it.

You can keep germs and allergens at bay by simply washing your pet’s bed weekly. Even an extra of baking soda and vinegar in the cycle can help to disinfect and kill odors. (Base these add-on items on your machine’s instructions and warranty). Replacing a pet bed is recommended when you are noticing odors and stains that do not change when washed. Also, if the padding is thin or lumpy.

This is a simple task to add into your weekly cleaning that will make a big impact on the pet and the family. We want our beloved pets in our lives for as long as possible. Giving them a clean and safe environment gives them a happy life.

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