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Prepping Your Home for Cooler weather

Prepping Your Home for Cooler weather

Closing up the house for the Autumn and Winter season is one of the most dusty times of the year. A few ways to prepare the house for the next season is to look beyond the surface to reduce the amount of allergens in your home.

The top way to reduce dust and allergens in the home throughout the entire year is to be sure to regularly replace your furnace filter. You will want to do this on a frequency based on the instructions for your furnace and the number of pets you have. If you have the higher MERV filter in your furnace, you may need to replace them less often. Also, being sure to adjust the moisture in the air as the season changes, will reduce the amount of dust you have in your home.

Opening the windows is a lovely, fresh feeling but will increase the amount of dust and allergens you find in your home. A simple room air filter can help with removing allergens. Remember before opening windows that you may want to clean your screens and wash your inner window sills. These have been catching all of the allergens, cut grass and other items that the summer months bring.

This is also a good time to consider cleaning furniture and wet washing woodwork.Doors, baseboards and stair railings tend to be dirty by this time of year and are ready for a thorough cleaning. These few steps will ensure that you feel ready to move into the next season with a positive, fresh home to enjoy.

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